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In the mid-1970s, SPACE:1999 exploded onto TV screens around the world. It was the most expensive show ever made at the time, with the most realistic visual effects ever seen on the small screen. The star vehicle of the groundbreaking work was the Eagle, the venerable workhorse of Moon Base Alpha. Designed by VFX supervisor Brian Johnson and represented by miniatures of varying sizes for filming, the iconic ship is as popular today as it was back then.
MPC introduces this all-new, accurately proportioned, and detailed kit of the iconic spacecraft in a precise 1/72 scale which can be decorated in one of three ways. It contains one model kit with extensive decals, assembly, and painting instructions.


  • All-New Model Kit
  • 1:72 Scale (Over 14” Long)
  • Authentic Details
  • Includes Full-Color Decoration Guide- Provides Painting and Decal Placement for Three Passenger Pod Schemes
  • Includes Dome Base with Metal Support Rod.
  • 185 Parts
  • Extended and Compressed Landing Gear Strut Options
  • Water Slide Decals

MPC 913 1/72 Space: 1999 Eagle Transporter, 14"

SKU: mpc913
$52.00 Regular Price
$42.64Sale Price
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