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On the morning of December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor was quiet and sunny. The Arizona, just back from Fleet maneuvers, was tied up in "Battleship Row" along Ford Island. Most of the crew was at breakfast. Gunfire and the sound of bombs broke the quiet, and rushing to the deck, the sailors meta full attack underway. In a frightening, terrible instant, the Arizona took a torpedo in her port side, a large bomb "amidships", and an armor piercing bomb in the forecastle. Eleven-hundred seamen lost their lives. As a remembrance to the men of the Arizona, a simple memorial and flagpole were erected over the ship.

  • 12 Elevating 14" Cannon in 4 Rotating Turrets
  • Full Light Armament: Including 5" & 1.1" AA guns and 10.5" Turret Cannon
  • Finely engraved planking & plate detail
  • Complete deck fittings: including searchlights, motor launches & whaleboats, rangefinders,
    ladders, cranes and tripod masts with observation nests
  • Authentic Bofors 40mm anti aircraft gun
  • 2 catapults with Vought 0 2U biplanes
  • Decals for ship & float planes
  • Full color flag sheet
  • Display stands
  • Display stand
  • Detailed superstructure

Revell 0302 1/426 USS Arizona Battleship

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$25.00 Regular Price
$23.75Sale Price
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