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The Tamiya T-34-85 R/C model gets an updated re-issue with a modern transmitter and control unit set, plus new assembly type tracks! The T-34-85 was essentially an answer to the dominating German Tiger and Panther armor, and an effective one at that. Powered by an 85mm gun and defended by superbly sloped armor, it was manufactured from 1944 to 1946 and contributed to the Soviet march on Germany that helped bring the bloody conflict of WWII to an end.

• 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 238mm, width: 88mm, height: 78mm.
• The model features a highly detailed upper hull, with dedicated R/C model lower hull and road wheel components.
• New assembly type tracks allow depiction of track ‘sag’ without compromising the tank’s motion, even at lower speeds.
• Intuitive control is provided by the 4-channel TTU-10 transmitter, in conjunction with the MC-07 control unit. Take full charge of forward and reverse motion, turns, pivots, turret rotation and even gun elevation and depression.
• Two drive motors and two turret control unit motors are included. Four model speed options can be selected via the transmitter, which also has trim dials for minor adjustments.
• Requires four separately sold AAA batteries each for transmitter and model.

Tamiya 48216 1/35 R/C Russian Med Tank T-34-85 (w/Control Unit)

SKU: tam48216
$339.00 Regular Price
$315.27Sale Price
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